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Ashish Vyas Raymonds Sr Manager Talent Acquisition Starting on time not before/ after utilizing every moment.
JL Coutinha Mahindra Lifespaces Head HR I think it was very planned and executed very well.
Nisheeth Upadhyay Cushman & Wakefield National Head HR It was perfect – working with the unknown team members. Befriending them and eventually reaching the goal.
Rajendra Ghag EVp Human resources & Admin Great first time sailing experience. Have fun as a team.
It is my pleasure to welcome you for the first HSBC CHRO Regatta in association with NHRD.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors HSBC, NHRD, Benefits Plus, our online sponsor’s and our media sponsors Midday Big Break for helping us bring this thrilling experience to India for the first time.     

This is the second corporate HR regatta where we will have HR and Team leaders sailing and racing in Mumbai’s waters.  With this regatta I hope to emulate what happens in the rest of the world in sailing where people come sail, enjoy, and also partake in some exciting racing!   

A sailing regatta is the perfect way to introduce people into the joy of sailing and racing.  There is competition against a backdrop of fun.  Regattas are a superb platform for socialising, networking and coming together to indulge in this very thrilling activity.

Worldwide regattas like Cowes Week, The International Rolex Regatta and the America’s Cup are events people look forward to.  Amidst some high powered sail boat racing there is an energized atmosphere of fun as more than 100,000 people gather to sail, watch, analyze and network.  Sailing regattas have been effectively used as platforms for brand launches, corporate events and innovative team programs. 

The HSBC CHRO Regatta has been structured parallel to international racing standards but customized towards many first timers involved in yacht racing.  It will be backed with high safety standards to create a thrilling yet comfortable racing atmosphere. 

Come aboard these amazing yachts and be part of a fun and exciting experience.
Zia Hajeebhoy,

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